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Exclusive Sailing Charters

We offer daily Sailing Charters from the stunning Marina del Este and cruise either east towards the ancient and beautiful towns of Almuñécar and Salobreña or west round Punta de la Mona towards Maro and Nerja passing the bay of La Herradura (The Horseshoe) and the magnificent protrusion of Cerro Gordo. This sees us firmly within the stretch of protected marine natural park that is fantastically popular with divers, naturalists and holiday makers alike.

No matter which way we go there are always beautiful coves and beaches where we can drop the anchor and enjoy a swim, kayak or paddle-board.

Far From The Madding Crowd

Have you been to the beach lately? Barely enough room to swing a new born kitten let alone a fully grown cat! Then you pay €5 for a sun lounger which, comes with the added bonus of regular visits from beach hawkers trying to sell hats, sunglasses, t-shirts, jewellery and assorted trinkets that you really don’t need in your life.

But, from only €50 per person for a party, Force 4 Sailing can provide an exclusive yachting experience which includes beer, wine, fizz, light snacks, skipper and crew for 3 hours!

That’s 3 whole hours to enjoy complimentary beer, wine, fizz and light snacks!!!

We also offer 4 and 5 hour cruises that are arguably better value.

So leave the crowded beaches behind and set sail on your very own private yacht…

You’d be mad not to!!!


We don’t always see dolphins and we certainly can’t guarantee them but sometimes we get lucky and it’s always a special moment when we do.

Just For You

We believe your sailing experience should be intimate and bespoke. Therefore, we limit our charters to one group at a time so unlike some other yacht charter companies, you will not find yourself sharing your experience with strangers.

Larger group? 2 Yachts for Twice the fun!

Our friends at Granada Sailing own and operate ‘Acheron’, a beautiful Bavaria 37 so just because we limit numbers on Great Escape, don’t let that put you off contacting us if you have a larger group. We can offer 2 yachts for twice the fun. Ideal for larger groups, hen parties, stag parties and celebrations.

Something For The Ladies

At Force 4 Sailing we understand that sometimes girls just want to be girls and get away from the men for a few hours.

Or, perhaps, for religious reasons you are covered but you want to get out on a boat and get your bathing costume on. Maybe splash around in the water or lay on deck catching rays knowing that you can fully relax out of sight.

If that’s the case we’ve got you covered (pardon the pun). We are the ONLY charter company in Marina del Este who can offer you a Female Skipper and therefore a completely male free environment so you can relax and be yourself.

Snorkels, Fins and Things

There’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the local population. But when said population includes all manner of underwater creatures and crustaceans you need some fairly specialist equipment to have a proper, close look.

Luckily we supply fins, snorkels and masks, including the excellent “SUBEA Easybreath” from Decathlon which, negates the need for a separate mask and snorkel.

And if we can’t get you close enough to the rocks to have a good nose around, you can always use our handy kayak to get you there. This is a “Wave Sport Gemini Scooter” 2+1 kayak that is incredibly stable and excellent fun. It’s also handy if you want to paddle ashore and have a swift beer at one of the fantastic chiringuitos (beach bars).


3 hr cruise – € 300

4 hr cruise – € 400

5 hr cruise – € 500


  • tailored for you
  • friendly relaxed experience
  • fully inclusive drinks and snacks


  • whole families
  • romantic couples
  • hen & stag parties





What is a Private Skippered Sailing Charter?

1. Private – The yacht will be chartered solely by your party. This means that you will not share the yacht with people that you do not know. We are passionate about providing a bespoke service to our customers and we can only do this if we concentrate on one party at a time. Therefore if you want an extra 15 minutes to snorkel or swim we can be flexible enough to give you that leeway. Alternatively if you just want to cruise around and sit on the bow enjoying the ambiance you can. The time and itinerary are yours to command.

2. Skippered – The yacht is crewed by Amanda and Iain, your skipper and mate. They do all the hard work so that you can relax, enjoy yourself and be pampered. Or, if you prefer, they can show you the ropes and teach you a bit about sailing a modern yacht. Who knows, you may even get the bug and decide you want to take sailing lessons.

3. Sailing – A sailing yacht is designed to be at its best when using the sails for propulsion. There is nothing more magical than hoisting the sails, switching the engine off and feeling the yacht scythe through the waves with the power of the wind. Therefore we will always choose to sail whenever possible.

4. Charter – This one is easy, it’s just a fancy way to say hire. Therefore you hire the yacht for you and your party to enjoy from as little as €50 per person!

All of this within an hours drive of Malaga or Granada… You’d be mad to miss a day with Force 4 Sailing!!!

Dolphins in La Herradura bay

One of the questions that always pops up on our charters and courses is “will we see some dolphins?”

This is a difficult question to answer because I hate to promise something that we can’t always deliver and try as I might to negotiate some kind of pay deal with the La Herradura local dolphin pod they are notoriously unreliable time keepers for the simple reason that not one of them wears a watch! Also, they only accept payment in live fish which our bank manager assures us cannot be transferred electronically to their savings account. And, despite a very dubious dolphin call developed by Amanda, we don’t speak their language which makes negotiating a deal with them almost as bad as Theresa May negotiating Brexit with the European Union.

Even with very reliable intel from the local divers (dolphins spotted near Punta de la Mona in La Herradura bay) we still cannot guarantee a sighting of these magnificent animals so unfortunately for us, our guests and our students the answer we usually come up with is “maybe” or “possibly” or “you never know”.

Such a wonderful sight

That said, we often see dolphins along this stretch of coast and it is always a treat when they turn up. Admittedly, it’s a bit more challenging when they are spotted in the middle of a lesson about how to reef a sail and everyone disappears off up to the bow to do a bit of dolphin spotting, but a treat nonetheless.

Does anybody speak dolphin?

The video clip above shows a classic example of dolphins turning up when you least expect them. Amanda was in the middle of a teaching session with three of our students, just off La Herradura, when up pop some dolphins, late as usual (they’d been booked for at least 30 minutes before). Obviously they were not responding to Amanda’s aforementioned dolphin call which mercifully we can’t hear in the clip. Then, in true dolphin style, they shot off into the distance after disrupting everybody and everything.

The key to spotting dolphins

These beautiful fun loving mammals are not always easy to spot and we know that there are many more of them out there than we actually notice. The key to spotting them is to gaze into the middle distance and watch for little white splashes. These are often picked up out of the corner of your eye and if you notice one you should move your focus to that area and watch for 10 – 20 seconds. If it was a dolphin you’re likely to see him coming up for air again but if it wasn’t you may see another equally fascinating sea creature like a flying fish, a turtle or maybe even a whale.

Keep your eyes peeled

Next time you’re out on a boat spend a few minutes looking out to sea and watch for those tell-tale splashes, you never know what you might see. You can even have a go at making up your own unique call to the creatures of the deep. Let’s just hope it’s better than Amanda’s ;-)

More photos of dolphins

And now, as we’ve whetted your appetite for dolphins, here are a few photos that we’ve managed to snap…