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  • Yani and Ash wine tasting
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  • Rich and George go for a swim
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Private Skippered Sailing Charters

Force 4 Sailing offer daily excursions from the stunning Marina del Este. We head either east towards the ancient and beautiful towns of Almunecar and Salobrena where we can anchor just off a beach for a swim. Or we sail west round Punta de la Mona heading towards Nerja and Maro passing the bay of La Herradura and the magnificent protrusion of Cerro Gordo this sees us firmly within the stretch of protected marine natural park that is fantastically popular with divers, naturalists and holiday makers alike.

Snorkels, Fins and Things

There’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the local population. But when said population includes all manner of underwater creatures and crustaceans you need some fairly specialist equipment to have a proper, close look.

Luckily we supply fins, snorkels and masks, including the excellent “SUBEA Easybreath” from Decathlon which, negates the need for a separate mask and snorkel.

And if we can’t get you close enough to the rocks to have a good nose around, you can always use our handy kayak to get you there. This is a “Wave Sport Gemini Scooter” 2+1 kayak that is incredibly stable and excellent fun. It’s also handy if you want to paddle ashore and have a swift beer at one of the fantastic chiringuitos (beach bars).

Far From The Madding Crowd

If you’ve been to the beach lately you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Barely enough room to swing a new born kitten let alone a fully grown cat! Then you pay € 5 each for a sun lounger and have to put up with all manner of people trying to sell you hats, sunglasses, t-shirts and jewellery.

BUT, from only €50 per person for a party of 6, Force 4 Sailing can provide you with your own exclusive sailing yacht including skipper and crew for 3 hours!

Yep, that’s 3 whole hours to enjoy the complimentary beer, wine, fizz and light snacks.

We also offer 4 and 5 hour cruises that are equally good value.

So, leave the crowded beaches behind and set sail on your very own private yacht…

You’d be mad not to!!!

Feeling Adventurous?

Do as much or as little as you want. Kick-back with a book and catch some hot Mediterranean rays or hoist sails and grind winches. The choice is yours.

Equally, as fully qualified RYA Instructors we can give you some informal tuition along the way.

Join Us!

So come and join Force 4 Sailing for an unforgettable experience.

  • bespoke Sailing Charters tailored just for you
  • friendly relaxed cruising or full-on sailing adventures
  • flexible, exciting fun days out

There is a shaded canopy if you need to hide for a while from the sun. Just bring your sunscreen, towel and sense of adventure!





What is a Private Skippered Sailing Charter?

1. Private – The yacht will be chartered solely by your party. This means that you will not share the yacht with people that you do not know. We are passionate about providing a bespoke service to our customers and we can only do this if we concentrate on one party at a time. Therefore if you want an extra 15 minutes to snorkel or swim we can be flexible enough to give you that leeway. Alternatively if you just want to cruise around and sit on the bow enjoying the ambiance you can. The time and itinerary are yours to command.

2. Skippered – The yacht is crewed by Amanda and Iain, your skipper and mate. They do all the hard work so that you can relax, enjoy yourself and be pampered. Or, if you prefer, they can show you the ropes and teach you a bit about sailing a modern yacht. Who knows, you may even get the bug and decide you want to take sailing lessons too (watch this space!)

3. Sailing – A sailing yacht is designed to be at its best when using the sails for propulsion. There is nothing more magical than hoisting the sails, switching the engine off and feeling the yacht scythe through the waves with the power of the wind. Therefore we will always choose to sail whenever possible.

4. Charter – This one is easy, it’s just a fancy way to say hire. Therefore you hire the yacht for you and your party to enjoy from as little as €50 per person!

All of this within an hours drive of Malaga or Granada… You’d be mad to miss a day with Force 4 Sailing!!!