Force 4 Sailing

Force 4 Sailing

As a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited training centre, Force 4 Sailing is able to offer a selection of practical courses from the Yachtmaster Sail Training Scheme as well as Shorebased Theory courses on Navigation and Yacht Management. All practical courses are conducted on the water on-board “Great Escape” our 36′ sailing yacht and all theory courses are delivered in a classroom environment.

We also offer bespoke courses that are tailored for your personal needs. These individual training packages can incorporate anything from own boat tuition to close quarters boat handling and can be scheduled to last from half a day to 5 days.

Practical Courses

Practical Courses

These courses are usually 5 days in duration, although some do vary. They involve living and sleeping on board the yacht and are also known as live-aboard courses. Living and sleeping on board the yacht is a fantastic experience that brings the whole crew together so don’t be surprised if, by the end of the week, you have made new “friends for life”. Everyone is expected to pitch-in and help with cooking and cleaning and making a brew or knocking up some sandwiches and you’ll soon realise that being a good skipper or crew member is as much about looking after each other as navigation and pilotage.

Practical courses are about learning and implementing new skills in a real environment. They are about hoisting sails and learning the ropes. When to reef and when to shake a reef out. These are the courses where you will put all of your classroom theory into practice in the real world and hone essential skills like navigation, pilotage and crew management.

But it’s not all hard work and no play. Each night we visit a different marina and once the boat’s been put to bed there’s nothing quite like finding a nice bar and swapping stories of daring do on the high seas over an ice cold beer.

Theory Courses

These RYA endorsed Navigation and Yacht Management courses are an essential component of the Sail Training syllabus and are designed to complement and enhance the practical skills utilised by all skippers. They provide an opportunity to learn and practice crucial skills in a sandpit environment that negates the added pressure of looking after a sailing yacht and her crew. It also accelerates the timescale, otherwise required, to build up the necessary skills and experience to progress through the Sail Training scheme. Although, the course content can be challenging you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to comprehend it. We believe that with the the right instructor any theory course can be fun, enjoyable and extremely rewarding.

Bespoke Training

Tell us about your individual training requirements and we’ll custom build a course around your needs. We can provide bespoke training packages lasting from half a day to 5 days.

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